A Simple Plan: Swimming

Keeping the Pool Safe

swimming pool, as much as they are fun, are also dangerous places. There are swimming pool safety rules which minimize the occurrence of these accidents. They must be adhered to if you are to keep the number of accidents as low as possible. The pool owner shall be answerable if something happens to anyone while at the pool. You should be aware of all dangers if you are to stop them.

As long as the pool is in use, there must be an adult supervising around it. If you can do it yourself, even better. You must also work on your skills, if you are to help anyone who cannot swim and fell into the water.

You are expected to provide floatation devices, but not expected to leave children in the pool wearing them, as that is not adequate protection. These devices are not a guarantee that a child will not drown. You need proper supervision for the children.

There needs to be a fence around the pool. This shall successfully keep the kids out. Kids should not know how to reach to open the gate. Their gates must also have a strong lock on them. You can go as far as having an alarm on the fence, to alter you for any unauthorized entry.

There need to be a phone reachable while in the pool area. Going back into the house to call for help when an accident occurs may not be a viable solution. You may also suffer the accident, and be out of reach of the house. You thus need this channel of communication.

Your kids may wish to swim with their friends once in a while by the pool. While this will be most enjoyable for them, you need to see permission slips from their parents. They all also need to be good swimmers to get in there.

The varying depths of the pool at different intervals needs to be clear to anyone present. The deep end should especially be velar for anyone to see. Your children and their friends need to know why they are not permitted there until they become excellent swimmers.
For those who have above ground pools, it is important always to check the position of the ladder when it is not in service. Leaving it there only encourages kids to try and swim when you are away.

All the pool maintenance and cleaning chemicals need to be stored safely in a shed, which has a locking mechanism on it. Leaving such things out in the open is a health and safety hazard.

You are responsible for how safe the pool area is. These rules need to come from you, and be enforced by you. You therefore should never compromise on any of them.

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